Window Wanderland transforms everyday streets into magical, outdoor galleries, where anything goes and you never know what’s around the next corner.

Why not join us to start your own Window Wanderland and add sparkle to your neighbourhood. It’s fun,  easier than you think and can ‘pop-up’ anywhere in the world.

“Window Wanderland gives a glimpse into the lives of those that make it, but it’s also a reflection of what we can achieve when we come together” – See the short film on BBC’s The One Show

Which event sums up community and creativity better than Window Wanderland?  – As featured in The Sunday Times.

“ there was such a wonderful atmosphere as we took our grandchildren around – even in the pouring rain!!”  Jeanne, Bristol, UK

Read our bloggette about the Wanderland.



Black Tom, BEDFORD    Bishopston, Southville, Bedminster, Bemmie, Ashton, Chandos, Windmill Hill, Victoria Park, Fishponds, BRISTOL    Battlefield, Strathbungo, GLASGOW    Oatlands, HARROGATE    West Ham, Southfields, Bromley, LONDON    Ashton Keynes, WILTSHIRE

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