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Welcome! This page is for those who want to host a 2018 Window Wanderland. Please read the notes and fill in the form below if you are interested.
We do have to charge for our resources, but we have a flexible approach to the fee which we discuss with you as we appreciate you are all different, from volunteers to NPO’s we are open to everyone, but we are NOT funded at all so are volunteering our time . This project is all about connecting and building communities so, as a not-for-profit, every penny we get goes into IT and spreading the Window Wanderland idea.

We assess each organiser individually, offering a sliding scale as you are all different. We can start you off with a deposit from as little as £90.

Window Wanderland is a great, local community building idea. By the end of 2017 we will have supported over 20 events nationally. We are a fantastic community to be part of and our concept has now made a stir in the national media with appearances on BBC’s The One Show, The Sunday Times, on Radio 5 live, Radio 4.

Window Wanderland is designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone in your local community. Setting up your own Window Wanderland is very doable. We have all seen community events ‘come and go’ with huge input from one or two people that is simply not sustainable. We  have set this up like this, giving years for free in order to make a website that does all the admin for you. With our toolkit and support you can host your own personal and unique event.

We share knowledge, we believe we are stronger together by having a  a hyper local event, with central support, that is used to inspire others and celebrate your community.

What do you get from us? An event-in-a-window-box. Your own personalised event page, with mapping and signing up all taken care of. Exclusive access to event management resources including: timelines, guidelines, logos, marketing tips, template flyers posters, press release and sponsorship templates.

We always get feedback from our organisers:

  • 100% found the tookit useful.
  • 100% feel more connected with their communities.
  • 80% of all our events are returning every year.


We have received over 1250 surveys from participants about the events, this is a little of what they say:

98% say it helped build a sense of community 97% say they would take part again
84% say it made them proud of their neighbourhood 80% travelled less than a mile to see the event proving it is hyperlocal!
64% of participants say it has inspired them to be more creative  48% of participants spent over one-hour outside on a cold Winter’s night


Support to create the event can include:

      • Unique webpage
      • Interactive online event map
      • Facebook event page
      • Funding advice
      • Example of successful funding bid
      • Planning timeline
      • Digital funding resources
      • Printing advice
      • A library of display ideas
      • Health and safety advice
      • Branding guidelines
      • Schools pack
      • Survey results
      • Support remotely and ‘on-site’ from us


      • Template flyers/posters
      • Sponsorship letter templates
      • Press release templates
      • Powerpoint slides for community presentations


If you want to see examples of how others have done it, have a look at the events.

We are all about sharing, but should you decide to go alone and not to join Window Wanderland remember we are trademarked, so do not use or name, reference our photos or any content from our website or our media. We would hope though that you can see what benefits we offer and share your event with us.

Still unsure? Please read the FAQ’s as it might answer your questions.
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How did you find us?
Word of mouth.
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Went to a Window Wanderland event.

Which neighbourhood would you like to create your Window Wanderland in?

Tell us about your neighbourhood, tick any that are relevant to you.
We are quite a close community, we have not tried anything like this before.
We have a very strong community here with artists working in the neighbourhood already.
We are a very mixed neighbourhood, so it could take work to get engagement.

Tell us about you.
I am an individual volunteer with no experience of organising
I am an individual used to organising events
We are a small group of friends who want to run one
We are an existing community group who can fundraise to make the event happen
We are a small Arts Organisation
We are a larger Arts Organisation/ an Arts Council funded NPO
We are a Local Authority interested in bringing this to our community

We want to run this alongside an existing event.
I/We will apply for a local community/lottery grant to pay for my time, printing and associated costs.
I/We will be asking for local sponsorship from traders.
I have no idea, I have not thought that far ahead.

The next stage is a quick one-off phone call. Please put your telephone number or skype name in the box below with an idea of any times that are best to call you