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Here are some articles on screen and paper about Window Wanderland, do send us any clips of your own Limelight and we can add it.

See a short film about Window Wanderland on BBC’s The One Show from April 2017
“If Bristol is all about community and creativity could there be an event that sums up the city better than Window Wanderland? ” Sunday Times 19.3.17
BBC Radio 4 Today; 3rd February 2017 – 3 mins

BBC Radio 5 Live; 3rd February 2017 – 4mins

BBC News Scotland Glasgow and West Scotland; 18th January 2017

BBC News Bristol; 5th February 2017

BBC News Bristol; 8th February 2017

Bristol 24/7 CIC; 30th January 2017
Bristol Ageing Better; 9th February 2017
Bristol’s Happiness Champions; 3rd January 2017
BBC Radio Bristol; 4th February 2017

  Interview BBC Radio Bristol 12 February 2017 about the background of why Lucy started it, along with a little Lou Reed!


Television piece 7th March 2017 on Glasgow’s Window Wanderland