What is a Window Wanderland?

What Window Wanderland is about:

  • Lifting people’s spirits. And warding off feelings of isolation.
  • Play, fun, and the untapped creativity we all have within us — making stuff is proven to be therapeutic.
  • Everyone. Anyone can join in, the more the merrier, as a Wanderer or a Windowmaker.
  • Stronger communities. It’s a unique way to get to know neighbours. And it celebrates neighbourhoods. Which makes people feel proud.
  • Wandering. This is a chance for people to explore their local area on foot, to see new places, or to see familiar places in a new way. Plus, there’s safety in numbers and it even counts as exercise!
  • Letting the light in, spreading joy, friendship, tolerance, even love.
  • And last, but by no means least, helping you by making it easier to hold or take part in your own community event.

What we’re NOT about:

  • Money, profit or commercial gain. We ask our Windowmakers not to use the event to sell things. And we are a not for profit organisation.
  • Competition, judgement, keeping up with the Jones’s, adding stress to busy lives…
  • Putting on an event for you. It’s your community and your show. We’re just here to give you the tools to put it on.

Why this website?

Community events are massively beneficial for spreading happiness and a sense of belonging in neighbourhoods. But they often rely on the sweat, determination and dedication of a handful of people. It’s not always sustainable.

We know putting on a Window Wanderland event is definitely, definitely worth it. But it isn’t easy doing it by yourself. This website is designed to make it much easier. It is created by Window Wanderland CIC, a non-profit organisation that aims to spread happiness and bring communities together. We share everything we’ve learnt, offer inspiration and provide customisable toolkits, so organisers can create their own events, year after year, with ease.

How it all began…

Set designer, Lucy Reeves Khan started Window Wanderland in 2015, inspired by her vivid imagination, her deep-seated community spirit and her personal experiences of isolation due to years of chronic illness.

Lucy imagined her local streets alive with other people viewing dramatic, beautiful or just silly scenes in the windows around her neighbourhood. She wondered if, in the dark of winter, these displays would cheer up others too. She put on her first event in her own community. It was a huge success. Other areas wanted to join in, and the rest, as they say, is history…

Window Wanderland won an award in 2018 in the Creative Category from Bristol life magazine, and was up against some stiff competition!

“Window Wanderland has captured the heart of the community. Its creativity is unique, impactful and collaborative”

Lucy is on the Bristol 2017 ‘Happy list’ for making Bristol a nicer place to be! This makes her very happy…