Bishopston 2015

Took place on 7 Feb 2015

This event has already taken place.

Bristol, Bishopston. Saturday February 7th 2015

Considering no one had ever heard of this event before, the residents of Bishopston really took to it and the results were incredible. Over 200 houses in over 55 roads put on unique displays in their windows or gardens for everyone to see as they passed by. A truly magical evening, full of smiles and delights, where all age groups came together, creating a buzzing party atmosphere for the first Wanderland.

Camper vans hosted royalty tea parties, Tudor courts took over gardens,  whole schools made displays, craft groups knitted, front room discos rocked, and winter street parties were thrown and fires lit, whilst over £600 was raised for charity.

There are seven pages of photos to see on the gallery (queue the ‘Vision On’ Music) and see the map to get a sense of how much walking there was to do! Next year it will be over two nights to have an evening stroll.

Having see how much people loved it Lucy wrote up the toolkit of how to make one, in case anyone else wanted one….

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