Bursledon, Hamble and Hound 2022

Bursledon, Hamble and Hound

19‑20 Feb 2022

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Bursledon, Hamble and Hound Local Area Committee and Eastleigh Borough Council are thrilled to be launching a local Window Wanderland in 2022.

We would love you to get involved to make something really special for our beautiful area of the Borough!

 What is it?

A magical neighbourhood gallery that can be explored and enjoyed by the whole community. Windows can be in a home, shop, local business, even a caravan or car!

Do check out www.windowwanderland.com for examples of how you can decorate or dress your window. You can mimic stain glass with tissue paper, create silhouettes, write out a poem or quote, arrange objects – the possibilities are endless! You don’t need to be the next Picasso, it can be as simple as some balloons or fairy lights. 

To help guide participants, we will be working with some local artists, who will be releasing some advice and suggestions in the near future.

We’ll be encouraging budding window dressers to make their displays based on a chosen theme – more on that below!

What is happening and when?

Late 2021

       We’ll be chatting to people from the area and decide together a theme for BHH’s Window Wanderland. Do you have any ideas for a theme that suits the area? Get in touch at cl&participation@eastleigh.gov.uk

       The theme will be announced!

We’ll release an instructional video with some ideas to get you creating!

Early 2022

       We’ll look to run 6-7 artist led workshops with local groups and venues to help people get started on their own displays.

       Get creating! We’ll let you know where in the area might have useful materials for your creations.

The Big Day – 19 February 2022

       The ‘exhibition’ event where we’ll ask all participants to have their windows ready, and the community can walk amongst the displays to enjoy them.

       You’ll be able to download a map from this website to help you follow where the windows are.

(you can display your lovely windows for as long as you like – we just ask you to make sure they’re definitely on show for this day!)

How can we get involved?

You could help by:

  1. Making a window display of your own, of course! Click ‘Take Part in this event’ to add your window to our map. Once you’re registered you’ll also be poised to hear all the event news from us.
  2. Encouraging those you know to take part too.
  3. Do you know a community or social group who would enjoy taking part? Let us know and we could organise an artist to visit your group and help you get inspired – no charge!
  4. Do you know a venue near you that might be a good location for a group display making workshop? Let us know!

 If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch at cl&participation@eastleigh.gov.uk. Keep checking this page for updates, and if you create a window, be sure to register it here!

We can’t wait to see your windows!

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