James Bay 2019

James Bay is the pennisula west of Beacon Hill Park and south of the harbour.

22‑24 Feb 2019
6:00 pm -9:30 pm

Please register or sign in to make a window.

Welcome to James Bay Window Wanderland,

We are delighted to bring to our Community the second installment of Window Wanderland. This community celebration is brought to you by the James Bay Community Centre and James Bay New Horizons, funding for the event was made possible by a celebration grant from the City of Victoria.

Taking part is free, everyone is welcome, you can make a display in the windows of your home, apartment, business, car, and high rise. This inclusive event brings out the artist in all of us. February in Victoria can be dreary and we all need a little more light to brighten our spirits at this time of year. The event is a great way to engage with your neighbors, or get the entire family working on a project together. Get involved, be creative, be noticed, the materials you can use are unlimited, for inspiration and guidance go to www.windowwanderland.com or checkout this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxTciTRa0_I&feature=youtu.be

This year we are encouraging you to wear colorful clothing or add a reflective or light enhancing device to your person, this will make you more visible as you walk the streets of James Bay viewing the amazing window displays.


Window Wanderland Workshops 

Dawn Olson is offering two different workshop projects for 2019. Everyone is welcome, though children will need to have their adult helpers with them. The cost is $4.00 per person. No art experience needed; all materials provided.

Workshop 1: Sat. Feb 2

Create a giant monster, animal, human or other object to suspend in your window. Bring your imagination and the measurements of the windows you want to decorate. Choose morning or afternoon time.

9:30-12:30pm James Bay Community Centre: 250 389 1470 

2:00-5:00pm    New Horizons:  250 386 3035 

Workshop 2: Sat. Feb 9 

Create an eye-catching window display from colourful translucent paper –a pleasing pattern, a giant animal or giant human or….whatever you like!  Bring your imagination and the dimensions of the windows you want to decorate. Choose morning or afternoon time. 

9:30-12:30pm: James Bay Community Centre 250 389 1470 

2:00-5:00pm: New Horizons Call 250 386 3035 


Want  to make 2019 bigger and better?

Register your display!

Invite a neighbour to do the same. 

Invite friends and have a party!

Set up a warm drink and cookie station in front of your home.

Pick up flyers at the JBCSC 140 Oswego and take them around your block or drop them off at a local business.

When you wander go as a group. Dress up…blinky lights, funny hats, faerie wings…

Send pictures of your creative process to jamesbayww@gmail.com

Remember to keep it all family freindly and pedestrian powered.


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