James Bay 2022

James Bay

Took place on 25‑27 Fév 2022

This event has already taken place.

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James Bay Window Wanderland 2022 will be happening on the weekend of

Feb 25, 26,27 from 6:00-9:00pm.

We are delighted to bring to our Community the 4th installment of Window Wanderland in James Bay. This community celebration is brought to you by the James Bay Community School Centre, the Carr house, and James Bay New Horizons. The funding for the event was made possible by a celebration grant from the City of Victoria.

Everyone in James Bay is invited to decorate a window! You can make a display in the windows of your home, apartment, business, car, and high rise. Taking part is free!  This inclusive event brings out the artist in all of us. February in Victoria can be dreary and we all need a little more light to brighten our spirits at this time of year. These individual windows across the town will transform our streets into dazzling galleries and the beauty of James Bay’s unique community spirit will be showcased for all to see.

No matter how small or large your street facing window, door or garden, let’s brighten James Bay with this unique and wonderful feel-good event! Anyone can take part, regardless of age and almost anything can count as a display: from a string of fairy lights to a live band playing in your front room. As long as it is family friendly, anything goes! No fancy lights needed, just a normal room light or lamp will bring your display to life.  

Get your family involved! Get your neighbours involved! Invite your friends to come wander with you from across Victoria! It is truly one of the best and most heart warming events of the year. And a great way to make the dreary month of February shine! 

How to get involved / participate:

1. Register your windows

2. Get thinking about your window space or any other community window spaces across the town!

3. Make your design or installation to show in your window!

4. Wander with us on one or all of our 3 nights! Check out the map on this page or grab a printed map from the Community Centre, New Horizons, or the Carr House! 

5. Tell your friends and neighbours! Share on social media! Spread the word! 

February 24th Update: 

To help you wander there are maps available to direct you where to go. Above you will see a button for map you can download and use to wander. For more clarity we also recommend using the google map located below- it allows for a bit more easy visual of addresses, etc. We also have paper maps available at our 3 open locations (see below). We recommend starting your night at one of these 3 locations, where there will be people available to answer any questions you may have.

It is not too late to register and create your own window for this weekend! 

On all three nights of James Bay Window Wanderland from 6-9pm you can get maps, use the washroom, warm up, enjoy hot chocolate & treats at:

1. James Bay Community School Centre (140 Oswego St.)
2. New Horizons (234 Menzies St.)
3. The Carr House (207 Government St.)

We hope to see you all come out and enjoy James Bay Window Wanderland 2022. It is one of our most favourite events of the year and we can’t wait to see what everyone has created. 

James Bay Window Wanderland takes place on, and benefits from, the traditional, unceded territories of the Lekwungen (Songhees & Esquimalt) people.  


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