Party Like it’s 1578

Where Lords Leicester and Burghley visited in 1578

Took place on 15 Feb‑5 Mar 2023

This event has already taken place.

Curious Spark is delighted to be bringing this fantastic event to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk! With your help, we will transform the streets into a magical outdoor Elizabethan gallery for all to enjoy!


Fancy taking part?

Taking part as a Windowmaker is FREE, and everyone’s welcome. You can make a display in the windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, campervan, shop – or front garden!




 Please don’t feel intimidated. Your display could be as simple as a candle, a Tudor goblet, a royal crown or a Tudor gown. Or you could go all out and create a line of Elizabethans waiting in line to see Queen Elizabeth I progress through your town! Anything Elizabethan goes… as long as it’s family-friendly!

And don’t forget to walk your local trail, from 15 February – 5 March, 6 – 8pm every night!


Elizabethans? What’s it all about?


In 1578 Queen Elizabeth I and more than 200 courtiers made an incredible journey travelling into the unknown lands of Norfolk on her annual progress.


Queen Elizabeth I- A No Show!

Great Yarmouth, August 19, 1578

  • The good citizens of Great Yarmouth had made efforts to clean, repair and prettify their town, expecting the Queen’s visit in August. Including the strengthening of the bridge over the River Yare. But, she decided not to travel, possibly worried about Plague at the port town.
  • The citizens might have been pretty annoyed when instead of her Majesty, they were to receive Lord Burghley and Lord Leicester instead!
  • However, Burghley and Leicester were warmly welcomed by the High Steward of Yarmouth and 500 gentlemen, all dressed in fine robes of velvet and silk.
  • A silver gilt cup in the shape of a ship had been planned as a gift for the Queen, but it seems only three gilt bowls were given to the Royal courtiers.
  • Even though the Queen did not attend, the crowds lined the decorated streets to greet the two Lords. Great rejoicing followed and the townsfolk enjoyed magical entertainment and feasting.


What to do next?

  • Contact us to arrange a FREE community group or school-making session
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  • Speak and share with your friends, neighbours, schools, and local businesses to ask them to get involved!


Get Inspired!

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If you have any questions or would like to sponsor, promote or volunteer to help with this event, please contact Sarah or Joy through Contact organiser (The Orange button) on the right or email Sarah who will be thrilled to hear from the Thetford Windowmakers. 


There will be 6 trails across Norfolk- will Party Like its 1578, Great Yarmouth Trail display the most windows?


The Stranger’s Pageant 1578, Norwich

The Hunting Party 1578, Costessey, Norwich

Party Like it’s 1578, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

The Thetford Progress 1578, Norwich

The Return Journey 1578, Wymondham, Norfolk


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