Tollerton Winter Window Wanderland

Christmas Winter Window Wanderland 18-20 December 2020 organised by volunteers from the Tollerton Community Trust Village Fayre Team (Get in touch if you can help)

A eu lieu le 18‑20 Déc 2020

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Lets end 2020 with a festive event that we can all enjoy.

Over the weekend of 18 – 2o December we are creating a Christmas Winter Window Wanderland in Tollerton.

Take part in our unique event lit up by displays in local windows and gardens. Residents are being invited to create a display and then everyone can go for an evening walk with a map to enjoy our creations.

We would also like to help those outside of our community and invite anyone visiting the display to leave a donation for local food banks in the village centre.

There are a few guidelines for the event:

  • Displays can be anything but try to stick to our theme of Christmas, celebrations and parties
  • It’s not all about windows – you can use gardens, cars…
  • Make sure your display is safety conscious and child-friendly.
  • Music can be a fab addition — but make sure you neighbours don’t mind.
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