West Reading Window Wanderland 2020

Took place on 29 Feb‑1 Mar 2020

This event has already taken place.

It’s today! 2020 West Reading Window Wanderland starts at 6pm 29th Feb-1st March 2020.

This will be our second Window Wanderland across the whole of West Reading.

The idea is to cheer up otherwise dark and cold evenings with fun and light, in the form of decorated windows, and an opportunity for the community to come together. People can walk with neighbours and friends to follow the window trail and explore their neighbourhod in a new light.

Everyone is invited to take part, just decorate your windows so they can be seen from outside in the dark and then make sure you add your address to the map so people know to come and take a look as part of the trail. Hundreds of school children in West Reading will be decorating their school windows at Wilson Primary, Battle School and Oxford Road Community Schools.

There are tons of ideas and tips on this website or google Window Wanderland. We suggest coloured tissue paper and black paper as effective and easy to find materials (We reccomend Hobby Craft and The Range). Cut out silhouettes in black paper look great or cutting shapes from the black paper and filling gaps with colourful tissue look amazing.

At our first event in 2019, over 40 houses, schools and community spaces decorated their windows, and over one thousand people downloaded the map to follow the magical trail with friends and neighbours.

We’d like 2020 to be even bigger and brighter. If you would like to find out more, or get involved by decorating your windows at home, at work, at school, at a nursery, at a business or organisation please sign up here and encourage your neighbours to get involved. This works so well if a lots of people take part on a street and then get together to see each other’s windows.

****PLEASE ADD YOUR ADDRESS TO THE MAP BEFORE 6pm to be approved in time for the evening**** Thanks!!

We will again be holding free workshops where we provide materials, tools and people can swap ideas, tips and skills. You can make something to take away for your window, or help make a big community piece for Battle Library windows.

Sign up here to get updates.

Free ‘make-and-take’ workshops:

Thursday 13th February 3.30-5pm Battle Library, 420 Oxford Rd

Tuesday 25rd February 3.30-4.30pm The Oasis, 21 Baker Street

Saturday 29th February 11-12.30am Battle Library, 420 Oxford Rd

Saturday 29th February 9-12am The Oasis

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