West Reading Window Wanderland 2021

Took place on 19‑21 Feb 2021

This event has already taken place.

We are so excited for our third annual West Reading Window Wanderland!

**WOW! 63 windows on the map so far!! SCROLL DOWN FOR MAP**

Thank you to all the amazing window makers, West Reading is looking pretty!

Please share your favourite pictures and comments with us on social media.


After a dismal year, let’s make this the best yet! After all it is the ideal safe and socially distanced way to connect with your neighbours and see your community in a totally new light.

We want windows to cheer up our neighbours, brighten our streets, inspire hope and happiness and to remind our community that no one is alone in this, we are stronger together, and that better times will come. This might be by celebrating the fact that spring is coming, celebrating your street, thanking local heroes, anything goes really as long as it is family friendly. This is our chance to spread some positivity and smiles.

Here’s how to get involved:

REGISTER AS A WINDOW MAKER FOR FREE: If you would like to decorate your window, register for free here and add your details so they can appear on the free map. Then get creative (see below) and turn your lights on to show off your window 6-9pm on the 19,20,21st Feb.

SPREAD THE WORD: Tell your neighbours – try and get lots of neighbours to take part – you could set your own street theme, or come with a ‘treasure hunt’ (think hidden letters to crack a code) within the windows. Let us know how we can support you. We have made digital fliers etc and may be able to adapt one for you to share with your neighbours.

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: this is where we will mainly share updates, news, ideas and resources. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WestReadingWindowWanderland

GET CREATIVE: Decorate your window (look around this website for some ideas and techniques, you don’t need to spend hours or much money). None of us are artists, it’s not a competition, some of the best ideas are simple and quick. If you have some paper, cardboard or tissue, and either sellotape or glue or bluetack and a pair of scissors – you can make something amazing. Or why not dig out your fairy lights or make an DIY projection, or even put on a live show! Just have your lights on to show off your window 6-9pm on the 19,20,21st Feb.

GO OUT AND LOOK: use the free map to go out to see all the amazing windows in the community. 

SHARE: your pictures and feedback with us on our Facebook. Whether you are a window maker or went out and looked around, please let us know your thoughts. We want this to become an ongoing tradition for West Reading and this really helps us get it right and get support next time.

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