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No matter what is happening in the world, Window Wanderland festivals are self-contained and Covid-safe.

Our Wanderland’s are about bringing a community together and, even in these times they can be run safely, so no chance of cancellation. Many festivals have incorporated a Wanderland into their schedules. Why not create a Wanderland? A safe way to connect people, transforming everyday streets into magical, outdoor galleries.

We are all feeling the sadness of the closures of all the places where we normally meet up, we commissioned Colourful Minds​ to work with us to create some brilliant free resources celebrating festivals and keep the love flowing. See their amazing tutorials below.

If you use our templates for your own window, share your windows with us on social media #windowwanderland

Festival Flags Window

Colourful Silhouette Window

Background Ideas for your Windows (and Festival Hands)