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Getting started

Why do a Window Wanderland in your neighbourhood?

  • It helps build a stronger community
  • It’s a great excuse to get outdoors and explore your local area
  • It’s a lot of fun and brightens up the darker days of winter
  • It’s inclusive and celebrates everyone’s ability to be creative
  • You can raise funds for your favourite charity

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When can I get started? You can start today ! Get the Stage 1 pack, and then choose your toolkit when you are ready.

Why should I use Window Wanderland to create my event?

We know putting on a Window Wanderland event is definitely, definitely worth it. But it isn’t easy. We take the pain out of the tricky bits: planning, dates, sponsorship, making route maps, signing up Windowmakers and promoting your event — with our extensive, all encompassing, GDPR friendly, customisable toolkits and easy-to-personalise event webpages.

Feedback from our organisers:

  • 100% found our toolkit useful
  • 100% feel more connected to their communities
  • 85% plan to put on an event the following year.

Why can’t we just make our own event using your idea?

Of course you can, we are glad to have inspired you! So if you want to make your own website simply use our listing-only service – this will mean you can call your event a Window Wanderland, you co-host a Facebook event and have your area on our map, so no one else will make a Wanderland there. Also when people find us, they will find you, and you can inspire them them to start their own as well. It all goes round and we can share your event!

However, we want to make you aware that we have spent years reducing admin for organisers by building the website. We know our toolkits work brilliantly, taking the time intensive admin away, and for a little bit more money it will allow you to focus your energy and time into putting on a fantastic community event and be part of our bigger family.

If you want to go it alone, without publishing with us, please remember that we are trademarked, so you cannot call it a Window Wanderland, or use any of our images. logos or films unless you link with us through our listing service.


Can we do an event anytime of the year?

It needs to be dark to make the windows shine, so winter is best and we recommend at least four months of slow marketing before the event. The most successful events occur between the end of January and early March, UK time. We provide tips on timings in our starter toolkit which you get on registration.

How long does the event last?

This is up to you, we suggest a few days over a weekend.

Can Window Wanderland be part of a larger festival?

Yes, although we have seen less engagement when it is part of a bigger arts festival — this could be because people feel judged if their window displays are labeled as ‘art’.


How much work is it to organise this event?

It depends on the type of community you live in, but on average it takes around 20 days spread over at least four months — this time is split between your team.

What do I get from Window Wanderland?

Everything from help with planning, timings, sponsorship, making route maps, signing up Windowmakers and promoting your event.

Can we choose our own theme?

The event is for your community and it’s up to you — although some people find a theme too restrictive, it might be right for your neighbourhood but it could be a ‘suggestion’ rather than compulsory.

How can we test this to see if our area is interested?

On registration we will give you tips on how to gauge interest through social media, local groups and community centres, before you make the commitment to go ahead. This allows potential Display makers to register their  interest in making a display when a date is set, allowing a ‘counter’ to go up!

Can I organise a Wanderland in a commercial area?

While most of our events are in residential areas we have had some very successful Wanderlands on High Streets, however, to work well they do require some wider community input.
Have a look at this news article about the Wanderland in Leith – it was run on a High Street but its success was down to a collaboration between local businesses, a housing association and wider community groups in the area.
We provide a well-tested toolkit and organisational support but as the event is organised locally it is a good chance for businesses and the community to work together and create a Wanderland which everyone can enjoy.

What if people do not have email addresses to use to sign themselves up?

That is fine, you can manually add them to the map.


Is there a charge to put on a Window Wanderland?

Yes, but we try and keep it as low and as fair as possible. Although Window Wanderland CIC, is a non-profit organisation, we need to charge fees to cover our costs. This is so we can continue to exist and provide our services.

Why do you have two payment stages?

We’ve split the charges into two stages for first time Organisers, this gives them some time to get the funding in place and gauge interest. There will be no charge for Stage One registration for the following year.

What do I get for my first stage of £50?

You get comprehensive advice that will help you fundraise, including template flyers and letters. Also an overview of the timings and team roles needed to prepare for the event.

You also get an ‘Area page’ on the website,  this allows you to share the page via your network so that volunteers can offer to help you make it happen.

Do I have to pay £50 no matter what event package I buy?

Yes, but it is a one-off fee that you do not pay annually.

What if I pay the £50 but decide not to run an event, can I get my money back?

This is a non-refundable fee, but it is only payable once, so when you return to make another event you can access it all again for nothing.

What if I pay the £50 but can’t raise the rest of the money?

If you know for sure that you do not want to publish an event that year let us know at and we will remove the area page so people do not think one is coming up. You can return to us for free the following year if you want.

Can I pay for both Stages at once and get access to everything?

You can do it all on the same day, but you need to complete the process in two stages.

I need to get an invoice/pro forma to complete the payment, how do I do that?

We can provide as part of our ‘Add On Services’ for an additional cost. Email to enquire about these.

What if I have already Organised an event, do I have to do both Stages?

We gave all existing organisers the opportunity to sign up again for free in Sept 2018, but sadly that time has now passed.

How can I fund my event?

Our toolkit explains how to raise money through sponsorship from local businesses to applying for community grants.

How do I raise money for charity at my event?

This is up to you, but we offer support and advice in the toolkit.

Additional Services

We have stripped the packages right down so they are as cheap as possible, and therefore offer extra services for those that need it, at a reasonable additional cost. This is especially useful in the first year. As the payment system for the packages are via paypal or credit card some organisations need personally invoicing. We find many areas put these services into their funding bids, contact for more information.

  • A pro-forma or individual invoicing service
  • Skype Advice
  • Admin support via email
  • 15 tailored Posts across three social media channels on the run up to your event
  • Personalised Press Releases
  • Press Release Feature in Window Wanderland HQ Press Release
  • Newsletter Feature in Window Wanderland HQ Newsletter

We have had great success this year with creating workshops! We made one for the Barbican in London and had over 80 people through in one afternoon. If you would like Lucy to come and do a workshop contact

Branding and Social Media

Can I use the name ‘Window Wanderland’ as part of my marketing?

Always use the format [your area name] Window Wanderland for your invoices, promotional campaigns, and the press. For example, Bishopston Window Wanderland. This gives each area its own identity while also showing that it belongs to the wider Window Wanderland community.

Can I use my own social media hashtag?

Yes, but we encourage you to use our umbrella hashtags #windowwander #windowwanderland and @windowwander whenever you post on social media, as this enables us, and you, to spread the word to a wider audience.

Managing your Account

I’ve tried to reset my password, but not had an email from WordPress, what do I do?

Try these steps:

  • Check your spam folders
  • Clear cached images and files from your browser and try again
  • Try a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet explorer)
  • Secure networks sometimes block WordPress, so check if this is the case.

I am having technical issues!

Contact us on and we can help.


What if the Windowmakers ask about safety?

They receive information about this in their welcome packs that they get when they sign up. This is covered in the Windowmakers FAQs, but these are the common questions:

Will anyone come into my house?

No, this is an outdoor trail.

Will people be able to see inside my house?

This is up to you and the type of display you put on, but make sure you cover anything you don’t want people to see. And that your display is clearly visible!

Will Window Wanderland bring people from outside my area to my street?

In our experience, people invite their family and friends to share in a happy event, show off their display and feel proud of their community.

Will it be noisy and crowded?

The aim is to achieve a sense of community and togetherness, so your street may be noisier and more crowded than usual for a couple of hours. Some people feel the streets are much safer when there are families and groups wandering about.

What if someone trips in my garden?

Window Wanderland is not liable for safety on the night. You are responsible for your own garden, so use precautions such as lights if there are steps or dangers. Any external lights must be suitable for use outdoors. If you use temporary structures, please ensure they are secure.


We are working hard to get the facility of individual event galleries on the website, and we anticipate this being ready by June 2019. Organisers will be able to upload their own galleries then, but until then we would really like you to share your photos with us to via wetransfer so we can share them. We would love to share photos of your windows on social media and for Window Wanderland publicity. Please send us photos over 1mb.
If you would like a credit for any photos which may be used in the press, please save your photo ‘save as’ with the credit details that you wish to appear. If you’d like to put any credit details on the photos themselves please do this in the bottom right or left hand corner.
If you upload any photos to social media please make it clear if you do not want Window Wanderland to share them on our social media channels. We will always try and credit but because of the volume of photos on social media that may not always be possible.


If you still have a question about Organising your own event following reading these you can email