Become a Windowmaker

Your area is putting on a Window Wanderland and you want to take part? Wanderful! Welcome aboard.

  • Taking part is FREE and everyone is welcome.
  • You can use the windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, camper van, shop…
  • It doesn’t even have to windows, you can also use your front door, the front of your house, your front garden…

Here are some ideas about how to make displays from Lucy, who knows a little bit about it….

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Find an event to take part in

Five narrow vertical windows lit from the inside, decorated with yellow/orange honeycomb backgrounds and black silhouetted bees

Wondering what to make?

Simple or spectacular… anything goes… as long as it’s family friendly!

Some window inspiration:

  • Candles, fairylights, an ironing board, teacups, toys, a line of your favourite books.
  • Carefully crafted tissue paper images, a sign, your kids handprints, your recycling.
  • A dance or drama performance, projections, live music (just ask the neighbours first!)

Once you sign up to make a window you get access to our ‘Display Ideas’ gallery, with categories including ‘Easier windows’ and even ‘Interactive’ to inspire you….

Take a peek at our gallery to see what others have created

Bay window lit from inside decorated with silhouettes of African animals against a multicoloured sunset

No Window Wanderland nearby?

Simply get together with some friends and run your own Window Wanderland event in your area.

Find out how to start your own

A diorama in a window of undersea coral with various fishes swimming and real sea shells on the floor