Information Page

WELCOME   Hosting and running a Window Wanderland event is fun,  here is a video of one organiser talking about it.
It can be as big or small as you can manage. It brings people together, helps reduces social isolation, releases untapped creativity and can raise money for  good causes all the same time. Plus it is a great way to get to know the people in your community, You can do it in 6 easy steps:

1. Register your area with us and choose your ideal package
2. Set the date
3. Find a friend or two to help
4. Raise money
5. Spread the word
6. Enjoy the event and celebrate!!!!

Register with us
. The minute your registration is confirmed, you will have a professionally-designed web page you can share, where people can offer to help you or even start signing up  to make a display while you plan. Once you’ve got a bit of support in your community, choose the Window Wanderland event package that suits you. They are designed to save you hours of work, and share the expertise of Window Wanderlanders worldwide.

Setting a date.  We find that in the UK, Window Wanderland works best in January through to early March. This lets you;
• Plan your event and raise awareness in the Autumn so people can imagine the event as the nights start to get darker.
• Avoid competing with Halloween, Bonfire night, and Christmas in the UK.
• Build up momentum once Christmas has finished and before your event starts.
Registering with us means you can collaborate – or avoid clashing – with other local Window Wanderlands.

Getting support. Things are more enjoyable when you find people to help you.  With smaller Wanderlands another neighbour or friend will do the trick. For larger Wanderlands, three or four people make it manageable. Why not harness the power of an existing community group or PTA?
Once you register your area you can share the link around to allow volunteers to offer to help you.

Raising money. Your Wanderland can be as big or as small as you choose. If you are planning a small event in a close-knit community, your costs will be minimal and, in our experience, you can raise a significant amount for your charity or good cause. If your event is larger, you might need to budget for:
• Printing and delivery of flyers
• Printing maps of the trail.
• Fees if paying an organiser or artists for workshops, art materials etc
Some of the easiest ways to raise money include:
• Asking local traders for sponsorship (template letters are included in the Stage 1 registration kit).
• Asking for a small donation from each window maker.
• Selling hot chocolate/cakes on the night.
• Selling the route maps.
• Having donation buckets available on the night.
• Applying for a local community grant if you are part of a group.
If you’re organising a Window Wanderland event to raise money for charity, our toolkits can help. Using them, organisers have successfully applied for thousands of pounds of grant money to set up Window Wanderlands. Whichever kind of event you run, we can make it easier. Just  pick the package that suits you best.

Spread the word. Your area will dictate how you do this. It may be as simple as sharing your Facebook event with your street, or you could be printing thousands of fliers. Depending on which package you choose, we can help with this.

Enjoy the event, share your photos and Celebrate your community! Now, you don’t need support for this bit, just have a great time!