Window Wanderland…

  • Involves everyone: young, old, borrowed, blue, not just one group in the community, this is it’s most serious part.
  • It is healthy, gets you out and about in the evening at a time when you are normally on the sofa.
  • Easy to participate in, it’s in your own home, on your doorstep.
  • It is non-commercial, there is no advertising of peoples work unlike an Arts Trail.
  • Due to its specific marketing it is non-judgemental as it steers clear of the word ‘Art’, this allows for wide engagement and creativity to emerge.
  • Brings pride to your community.
  • By being open we encourage those who feel isolated in their communities to participate.
  • It increases peoples confidence by making the streets safer places to be.
  • It is just good for you at we know the benefits of creativity to our souls.
  • It is hyperlocal, egalitarian and super friendly.
  • It celebrates each neighbourhood by sharing their images with the larger Window Wanderland community.
  • It shares resources, as organisers feedback their experience making it even easier to make.
  • This is not an event that needs to be ‘created for you‘ by an outsider, all you need is on the website.
  • It’s for your community to make from the ground up, you are the show.

You will see lots of ‘hearts’ in a Window Wanderland, that is because at the centre of this is a lot of love: not wishing to ‘hippy-out’ on you but we need this kind of project, especially now.

This event has been created out of the spirit of sharing, our goal is a resource for everyone to use and make their own events. We know from experience that great community events will happen by the sheer sweat from a handful of people, but repeating these becomes impossible. We have spent all this time putting the resources needed in one place so that the organising can be passed on easily, making it sustainable. A place to see inspiring images and read personal stories about Window Wanderland.