We’re so glad you’re thinking of organising a Window Wanderland! We look forward to welcoming you to our worldwide community.

During the Covid pandemic, the number of Wanderlands has doubled in response to its effect. Wanderlands reduce isolation and have the ability to connect communities even during disconnected times.

Wanderlands are Covid-safe, however we do recommend that you check and comply with advice from your government and your local authority about current restrictions. 

“At this time when socially distanced activity is ever more important, we’re delighted to be introducing a new event for the city, which should bring some colour to people’s daily exercise. This is a creative event that everyone can share in, both when at home and during their daily, socially distanced, exercise.” Cambridge City Council Window Wanderland, January 2021

Grab a cuppa and take some time to look through our step-by-step guide below. It should give you all the information you need to make your decision.

What is Window Wanderland?

We inspire communities to design fun, inclusive, window displays and then share them locally and with the world.

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1 See what’s involved in running a Window Wanderland

Our guiding principle is that Wanderlands are local festivals run by the community. We take the pain out of organising by providing the necessary tools and support to make it all smooth and easy for you – the organisers. Ideally you will have a small team of people and it takes around 3 months to organise.

If you are an existing festival or Local Authority please fill out our enquiry form, as we have different packages to suit your needs.

Here’s a few words from a first time organiser.

READ our Frequently Asked Questions – these will give you all the details you need to make your decision.

Window Wanderland on The One Show

If you’re new to the whole Wanderland idea, this is a perfect watch!

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2 Register your area

You’ve watched our videos, read the FAQs and are ready to Register your area. For a one-off £50 this first step is to ensure you have time to get your team and relevant funding in place.

For this you will get your area’s exclusive webpage, so you can get local people interested. Our initial planning kit will give you advice and tips on team structure, timings and raising money to take you through to the next stages of planning your Wanderland- we have done the hard work for you!

And your area will appear on our map! Congratulations – you are now a part of the Wanderland community.

Register your area

Find out more about the one-off registration fee

The Window Wanderland Toolkit has been so valuable, it provides templates and examples of how to word things so you don’t have to do the work! The project planning lists all the things you need to think about, and an idea of how long steps may take.”

Alice, Coventry City of Culture Trust

3 Choose the right Toolkit for you

When you are ready to start fully planning your Wanderland the next step is to decide which Toolkit is best for you. These will give you the next set of resources and support to make sure your festival is a success.

There are also options to upgrade if you require more support than you’d originally thought. You’ll need a toolkit for each event that you’re organising.

If you are a larger festival or Local Authority please get in touch.




Perfect for small community organisations, charities, schools, and first-time organisers.

Our most popular toolkit INCLUDES everything you need, from getting Windowmakers on board, health and safety, to PR advice and HOME-printable maps.



Ideal for those who are repeating a Wanderland, or live in a close knit community.

Essential information and marketing, where  outreach is easy, less comprehensive than the Deluxe toolkit.



Communities that have already run a Wanderland with us and now are creating their own website.

A listing on our festival map and co-hosting of a Facebook festival, so that when people find us, they find you and vice-versa. Keep sharing the love.

Deluxe Essential Listing
Organisation & Planning
Call yourself a Window Wanderland Yes Yes Yes
A listing of your festival on our website and social media Yes Yes Yes
Use of our images and films Yes Yes Yes*
Your own festival page with map Yes Yes No
Interactive map showing locations of windows Yes Yes No
Email platform to keep in touch with your local window makers Yes Yes No
Planning toolkit with timeline Yes Yes No
Ideas gallery for display makers Yes Yes No
Add images, links and logos to your festival page Yes No No
‘Print at home’ downloadable maps Yes No No
Co-host your festival on facebook Yes Yes Yes
Social media advice Yes Yes No
Templates, flyers, posters and logos Yes Yes No
Health and safety information Yes Yes No
Schools pack Yes No No
Budget template Yes No No
Press advice Yes No No
Branding kit and survey advice Yes No No
Templates for press release Yes No No
High res press photos Yes No No
Powerpoint presentations for schools and communities Yes No No
Buy Deluxe Buy Essential Buy Listing

What a fantastic Window Wanderland! A real success that really did resonate with the whole village. It was incredible to see people of all ages, enjoying themselves. We absolutely LOVED taking part. Can’t wait to do it again! ”

Sarah Stevens, WW Organiser, Paul in Cornwall

Proceeds from our toolkits allow us to continue our work as a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to bringing communities together and reducing isolation.

More options

We provide a range of extra support including online workshops, art kits for residents and virtual mentoring. If you to find out more, or to work in partnership with us, fill out our enquiry form to have a chat.

If you’re a larger organisation wanting to host multiple Window Wanderlands please get in touch to find out how.

4 Where and when

Once you have your toolkit you can start creating your festival with your team. Window Wanderlands are held throughout the year but we’ve found late Winter is the best time, when it gets dark early and people don’t have to go out too late to enjoy their local Wanderland.

The other months are also good but bear in mind other festivals are often happening in the local community. Recently, because of Covid, Wanderlands have become a popular addition to traditional Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas displays.

Create your online festival page, make your map with the area that you want people to come to and let them know what you are planning to do.

5 Spread the word

Promoting your Wanderland is essential. It may be as simple as sharing your Wanderland with your street, or you could be printing thousands of flyers. With options of schools involvement, online workshops, fundraising,  and  showing our films online – the choice is yours.

The Toolkits have all the advice you need to market your festival successfully and, most importantly, inclusively and safely.

6 Enjoy!

Above all – enjoy it! Share your photos with us and the world. Celebrate your neighbourhood and enjoy the new community connections you make.

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