So, you want to connect your neighbourhood?

Amazing! No matter what is happening in the world, Wanderlands are self-contained and Covid-safe.

Come together, reduce social isolation and light up your area. Even as we move in/out of lockdown it’s is the perfect way to brighten up your neighbourhood and safely engage with your community. As part of your planning, please make sure you are compliant with any current restrictions in your local area. If you are in the UK here is the link to the government website.

Wanderlands offers loads of benefits  and spreads happiness far and wide. Your Wanderland can be as big or as little as you want. From the shortest street, to an entire city anywhere in the world, anytime of the year– an extravagant festival of light in the dark months, a summer trail, or as part of a wider community festival – the choice is yours.

We walk you through the step-by-step process and provide all the resources to run the perfect Wanderland yourself.

If you want to canvas opinion before you commit, why not share one or two flyers on your social media or edit this letter to your community.

If you don’t yet have a team on the ground for your first year, we can help. We will work alongside someone in your community, thus ensuring that there is a legacy for the following year. We are regularly commissioned to deliver a range of additional remote activities for organisations, festivals and LAs. For example; Writing fundraising applications, inspirational talks for residents as part of the City of London festival, large window display  designs, and workshops for The Sage in Gateshead/ The Barbican in London. To find out more please contact us.

Remember that Window Wanderland is trademarked, and as a volunteer led, not-for-profit organisation, you have to buy a package to use any of our images or resources. For more info see our FAQ’s.

What a fantastic Window Wanderland! A real success that really did resonate with the whole village. It was incredible to see people of all ages, enjoying themselves. We absolutely LOVED taking part. Can’t wait to do it again! ”

Sarah Stevens, WW Organiser, Paul in Cornwall

Here’s what to do

  • Read our ‘Information page’ for top tips and key information
  • Register your area with us
  • Please make sure you are compliant with any current restrictions in your local area. If you are in the UK here is the link to the government website.
  • Choose your ideal package to create the festival
  • Set the date, publish it and spread the word
  • Enjoy the festival and celebrate your community

What we offer…

Your own webpages, interactive maps, template flyers, posters, powerpoints….basically, everything you’ll need to organise and host a Wanderland across your community with minimal effort a maximum fun. Plus we take care of the boring bits, like GDPR.

How we do it…

Although Window Wanderland CIC, is a non-profit organisation, we need to charge fees to cover our costs. This is so we can continue to exist and provide our support and services.

So what happens next?

Starting your first Wanderland is a 2-stage process. This way you can register and have the chance to gauge local interest before committing to making your festival happen.

It's such a great all age festival. Whatever your age you get just as much enjoyment out of it. A fantastic thing to be doing in the city in a month that can otherwise be just a bit dreary!”

Survey feedback

Stage 1: Register to ensure your festival is the only one in you neighbourhood, a one-off fee of just £50.

For this we will give you:

  • Tips for raising money
  • Initial planning kit with templates, for sponsorship letters, advice on timings etc
  • To pin your area to our Map
  • A personal web page for you to share and test interest
  • Volunteers from your community can offer to help you and potential Windowmakers can register interest to make a display

Register now

Stage 2, when you are ready to get going we have a few options, all of which are upgradable:

Standard Toolkit

Make your festival effortless. This is our most popular toolkit for your first year. It has everything you need. Perfect for community groups, schools, PTAs, charities, arts organisers, housing associations, BID’s or Local Authorities.

Price: £350.00

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Basic Toolkit

Suitable for smaller festivals, close knit communities or established festivals.

Price: £150.00

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Listing Only

For those who want to be on our Wanderland map, use our name and join the family but prefer to create their own website. 

Price: £75.00

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