So you’re thinking of becoming an Organiser?

Amazing! We know putting on a Window Wanderland event is definitely, definitely, worth it. It offers loads of benefits to your community and spreads happiness far and wide.

This page is here to help you to decide if organising a Window Wanderland is for you.

What a fantastic Window Wanderland event! A real success that really did resonate with the whole village. It was incredible to see people of all ages, enjoying themselves. We absolutely LOVED taking part. Can’t wait to do it again! ”

Sarah Stevens, WW Organiser, Paul in Cornwall

What you’ll need

  • A bit of time, energy, enthusiasm and helpers, it’s much more fun with other people to share the workload with.
  • A website where people can sign up to a map of your area.
  • A marketing plan to share the event.
  • Contact with your lovely windowmakers to share info.
  • Funding to pay for all the above.

What we offer…

We take the pain out of the trickier bits: signing up, mapping, contacting Windowmakers, planning, engagement, funding and promoting your event. How? By using our extensive, GDPR friendly, customisable toolkits and easy-to-personalise event webpage. Our aim is to enable you to run a Wanderland, year after year, with minimal effort and maximum fun.

How we do it…

Although Window Wanderland CIC, is a non-profit organisation, we need to charge fees to cover our costs. This is so we can continue to exist and provide our support and services.

So what happens next?

Starting your first Wanderland is a 2-stage process. This way you can register for a small fee and have the chance to gauge local interest and find funding before committing to making your event happen.

It's such a great all age event. Whatever your age you get just as much enjoyment out of it. A fantastic thing to be doing in the city in a month that can otherwise be just a bit dreary!”

Survey feedback

Stage 1: Sign up and pay a one-off registration fee of £50.

For this we will give you:

  • To pin your area to our Map
    This ensures only one event per neighbourhood
  • A personal web page for you to share and test interest.
    Volunteers from your community can offer to help you and potential Windowmakers can register interest to make a display – watch the counter rise as they do!
  • Fundraising tips
    Tips, and templates for budgets, grant fundraising and sponsorship
  • Planning kit
    When to run it, who with, and timelines for the event

Register now

Stage 2, when you are ready to get going we have two packages on offer:

Standard Toolkit

Make your event effortless. This is our most popular toolkit that has everything you need. Perfect for community groups, schools, PTAs, charities, arts organisers, housing associations, BID’s or Local Authorities.

Price: £350.00 per event

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Basic Toolkit

Suitable for small events or close knit communities.

Price: £150.00 per event

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Prefer to do it alone?

Fabulous, we are happy to inspire communities who can run an event without using our resources. We have an option where your event will be listed on our Event map, so that when people find us, they find you.

About us

Window Wanderland CIC is strictly not for profit and we believe our toolkits offer excellent value for money. Purchasing a toolkit allows us to continue to light up the lives of neighbourhoods around the UK and the World. We can’t run our services without your support. Thank you