Share Your Love

Share Your Love aims to spread joy, brighten your world, helping to make a difference during the coronavirus outbreak.

We’re sharing artwork  for you to download, colour and display (ideally in your windows!) Once you’ve put yours up, or been inspired to make your own version, email us a photo of it – we’d love to share your display with the Wanderland community. 

If YOU want to create  YOUR own design idea for Share Your Love and have it  featured here for everyone to download, we’d love to hear from you.
Email us at for more information.

Staying at home – Tracey English

Colourful posterTracey is a freelance illustrator who lives in South West London with her husband, two sons, their cat named Jelly and a dog called Daisy. As an illustrator and surface pattern artist, she loves to collage with hand painted papers and she spends her days in her small home studio snipping away creating designs, we asked her to make us a poster.

I decided to create this design in the same way as I created my Window Wanderland image as part of the Southfields Trail by cutting the design out of a sheet of black paper and adding the colour from behind. I wanted to create a positive vibe about staying at home.

Download Tracey’s design:

Stand up- Lucy Reeves Khan

Lucy created the whole concept of Window Wanderland, and has created a poster to reflect on recent events.
Photo of a demo on College Green, Bristol

I made this poster for my own window as a response to the current horrific events following the death of George Floyd on 25th May. The issues it raises are not new, it is a damning indictment that given all our supposed progress and intelligence, we have not made enough progress around inequality over the decades I have been alive.

Me and my family were present at the protest in Bristol, being silent with so many people for over eight minutes was very emotional and powerful. As a white woman I understand that I cannot understand how racism feels, but I stand with Black Lives Matter.

Download Lucy’s designs:

Tree of life – Gilly Beech

I have chosen to create an image of the Tree Of Life as it represents many traits which we are all embracing during this surreal time of uncertainty, reflection, and increased awareness of love and nature – Wisdom, protection, strength, beauty, and bounty. In some cultures it is known as the Cosmic Tree, the World Tree and the Holy Tree.  It is regarded as a connection to all forms of creation as well as being fundamental within many religions, mythologies and other traditions. 

As an artist, an empath and lover of all things cultural, natural and alive I would love to see this image add some colour and joy to lots of windows. 

Download Gilly’s design:

Love from Bristol – Harley Harris

This week’s Share Your Love design is a beautiful representation of the community spirit alive and well in Harley’s native Bristol.

I would have been doing my A levels at the moment but have, instead, found myself doing some online learning to help me prepare for studying Cyber Security at Northumbria University, as well as gaming with my friends! Although I didn’t take art for GCSE or A Level, throughout my life I have always drawn cards for my family on their birthdays & I wanted to make a drawing that people can colour for the Share Your Love project. I hope that colouring my picture helps you feel positive!

Download Harley’s Design:

Thanks to key workers – Victoria Ross

Our second Share Your Love design is a thank you to NHS and Key Workers by Victoria Ross.

I think we are all hugely appreciative of the NHS staff for everything they are doing for us, but my thoughts are often drawn to key workers who aren’t physically saving lives each day but without whom we couldn’t continue to function – the postal staff, carers, shop workers, delivery drivers etc.

I’ve created a piece that reflects this – all the individuals who are helping us and supporting the NHS staff to do their vital work. I have printed my template on watercolour paper and painted it but it would look equally good in pen or coloured pencil. Enjoy!

Download Victoria’s design:

Superhero – Jules Branfield

This is the first of our Share Your Love designs – a brilliant superhero design made by Jules Branfield.

“I’ve worked for the NHS as an Occupational Therapist for 25 years. I’m not on the front line but I know people who are and how dedicated they are. I wanted to create a poster that celebrated their work and I wanted to avoid making the figure gender or culture-specific. Have fun colouring in a poster and displaying it in your window to show your support.”

Download Jules’ design:

Nightingales – Lucy Reeves Khan

Nightingale Hospitals have opened across England, so why not make your own Nightingale tribute 💖

Anyone can get involved – you can make your own version using hearts and a bird, or download one of our nightingale templates.

Download the Nightingale designs:

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