Bishopston, Bristol 2019

9‑11 Feb 2019

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Welcome back… this is our fifth year of wandering and we are going to make it one to remember!

As usual, what you create is up to you, from simple to spectacular, anything goes and you may already have an idea up your sleeve. However, as we are in the midst of change as a nation we do have a suggestion if you fancied theming your display…

We invite you explore ‘What is Britishness?

  • How would you celebrate this small island?
  • What would you like to say about some of our traits?
  • Does queueing work for you?
  • Did you know a Briton invented the toothbrush?

From ‘All you need is love’ to a ‘full english breakfast’, there is a wealth of inspiration out there to get thinking about.

But, this is ONLY a suggestion, your windows, your wander…whatever you do, we can’t wait to see it.

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