Bishopston, Bristol 2024


9‑11 Mar 2024

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Thanks to St Bonaventures Primary School, Egerton Road,  we are returning for the TENTH Wanderland.

Join us at 6pm on Saturday 9th March, for a FREE hot chocolate as well as Pizza provided by Pizzarova and sweet treats provided by Joes Bakery, as we throw the school gates open, see our windows, and enjoy some entertainment before you make your way round the streets.

To take part as a Window Maker
Taking part  is great fun  and anyone can do it.  As usual, what you create is up to you, from simple to spectacular, anything goes and you may already have an idea up your sleeve. Anything goes… as long as it’s family friendly! 

  • Click on ‘Take part in this event’ to add your location to our map.

  • Tell your friends and neighbours and ask them to get involved! Use your Street What’s App groups and Next Door to spread the word too.

Help needed
We always welcome volunteers to support/shadow us to ensure Window Wanderland continues to be a wonderful community event! You could help with  marketing, social media, sponsorship, schools, approving homes when they sign up, press or community/ trader liaison. Many hands make light work and you get  hands on experience of organising a local event.! 

We are a GREAT project to be part of so email us at anytime.

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