Bodmin Window Wanderland 2021


Took place on 26 Nov‑17 Dec 2021

This event has already taken place.

IntoBodmin is bringing the Window Wanderland back to the streets of Bodmin this year; bringing neighbourhoods together, reducing social isolation, and inspiring creativity.
Window Wanderland has been seen on the streets of the UK since 2015 and is a creative way to connect people by transforming streets into magical outdoor galleries.
Fancy taking part?
Bodmin’s Window Wanderland will run from 26th November to 17th December. So there’s plenty of time to get involved!
Taking part as a Windowmaker is FREE and everyone’s welcome! You can make a display in the windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, campervan, shop – or even in your front garden!
Please don’t feel intimidated. Your display could be as simple as a candle, book or fairy-lights in a window. Or you could go all out and stage a performance in your front room. Anything goes… as long as it’s family-friendly!
It’s easy to add your fantastic creations to Bodmin’s map, simply click on ‘Take part in this event’ and follow the instructions.
Make sure you tell your friends and neighbours and ask them to get involved too!
If you have any questions or would like to sponsor, promote or volunteer to help with this event, please get in touch at
Please keep checking back to this page to see our Wanderland grow!
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