Burntwood 2021

Burntwood Town Council area

27‑28 Feb 2021
6pm - 9pm

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What is it?

Window Wanderland started in Bristol in 2015 where residents, just like you, make a display for their window or garden forming a walking trail for a Winters evening. You can do whatever you want, from a candle in the window,  to a band in your living room or a cut out silhouette, simple to spectacular- it’s completely up to you as Anything Goes! It is a great way for us to FUNDRAISE for a local cause as well.

It’s really easy to do, you can take part by either making a display or simply by coming out on the trail on the night  and see your neighbours in a new light.

It’s great fun to participate in and open to EVERYONE. You can go to the website, get some ideas of what to make and see the gallerys of previous events.

Let’s  make our streets in Burntwood special by joining in with this unusual festival, I think our community could make a great Window Wanderland!

It’s easy to organise as much of the admin is done for us on the website so if you are interested, and can spare a little time to help make this happen,

please contact me on:


Burntwood Window Wanderland – Facebook page


burntwoodwindowwanderland@gmail.com – email


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