Canley & Westwood Heath 2021

Canley is a sub-urban neighbourhood in south-west of Coventry.

Took place on 27 Feb‑5 Mar 2021

This event has already taken place.

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People in Canley are actively working together to make sure the area is a pleasant and thriving place to live, work, study and play through community participation in local events.

We are now inviting people to take part in the Window Wanderland event. If you live in Canley and you sign up to take part, Warwick Arts Centre, in association with Spirit of 2012 will automatically send you a free pack through the post with some arty materials and inspiration to help you create your window display.

We are also having a theme, which is the theme of gratitude.

If you do not want us to send you a pack, please use the ‘contact your event organiser’ button to let us know. Have fun!

You can also sign up for FREE Workshops with Foleshill Creates:

For any further information, please visit the City of Culture website:

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