Chandos, Bristol 2019

Chandos Road and surrounding area

Took place on 23‑24 Feb 2019

This event has already taken place.

Join us once again in lighting up the streets around Chandos Road. If you’re just outside the area and would like to take part that’s fine with us – the more the merrier! We are suggesting a theme of “Our Earth” but you don’t have to stick to this if you do not wish.  


Sign up here on this page.  Please do this sooner rather than later.  it encourages other to participate and help other find your display during the event.  Additionally the more displays we have on the map the easier it is to get funding for next year.  


Taking part is FREE and everyone is welcome, you can make a display in your windows of your flat, house, business, school, nursery, car, camper van or shop.


Please don’t feel intimidated! A ‘display’ could be as simple as a candle, book, fairy lights or image in a window. Or you could go all out and stage a performance in your front room or project onto your building! Simple or spectacular… It’s completely up to you. Anything goes… so long as it’s family friendly!


Want to make 2019 bigger and better?

After you register, invite a neighbour to do the same

Have a party!

When you wander go as a group. Dress up…lights, funny hats, fairy wings…

Send pictures of your creative process to or to share to our Facebook page or via #chandosroad on Instagram 


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