East Brighton 2022

East Brighton

Took place on 18‑20 Mar 2022

This event has already taken place.

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Join us as we turn Manor Farm and Bristol into an open-air art gallery!

To celebrate the end of Winter we will be turning the neighbourhood into a Window Wanderland. 

Local people have created artwork to put into their windows to make a trail which will be lit up and visible to the public on the 18th, 19th and 20th March 2022. 

Please come along to the Manor Gym from 6pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and walk along the path on the South side to see our beautiful Window Wanderland. Then make your way up to the Bristol Estate Community Room to see the designs we have created there too (Search BELTA Brighton on Google maps).  

This event is being hosted by The Manor Gym and the Whitehawk Arts Collective with the support of East Brighton Trust.  



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