Homerton & Clapton, London 2023

Homerton & Clapton, London

Took place on 25‑28 Feb 2023

This event has already taken place.

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???? *THANK YOU* to all who took part and made us feel JOY ful and filled up ?????

To all the window makers – to all the wanderers – thanks.

What a joy-ful celebration it was – with folks out on the streets finding windows, cycling round to see as many as possible, and others who were surprised by it all and wondering what was happening!

And what a fabulous selection of windows there were. So many things bring us joy – smiley faces, bright colours, dancing, music, skateboards, PS4s, birds, rainbows, flowers!

?We would love it if you could fill in this (super short) survey to help us plan next year. Your feedback is so useful!


?If you signed up to make a window you’ll automatically get an email notification when we start planning 2024. But if you didn’t, but you want to hear about it next year,  just click that ‘Send me notifications’ button on our location page. 

?Please send us a picture of your window – especially if it hasn’t been on our instagram feed yet. You can email via the organiser button on our page. And we’ll start adding them to the gallery on the website.

See you next year ?

The Homerton & Clapton Window Wanderland Team


And before we go for another year… just one last shout out to our sponsors for 2023 – please give it up for:

FRMD – https://wearefrmd.com/
E5 Acupuncture – https://e5acupuncture.com/
The Elderfield Pub – https://www.facebook.com/TheElderfield 







Welcome to the 2023 Homerton & Clapton Window Wanderland!

??And the theme, as voted for by you, is JOY! ??

It’s not too late to sign up – get your window on the map, and start getting creative! The theme is JOY and anything goes – from simple fairy lights to complicated tissue paper designs. 

Let’s make a magical outdoor trail for our neighbourhood and light up the dark February nights!

We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share.” Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou had it right that we need it in our lives.. just as we need air. Most of us could do with a bit more of it, and what better way to get some than creating something beautiful and sharing colour and light in our neighbourhood? 

Join in the fun!

  • Sign up for FREE above by clicking on ‘take part in this event’.. this will register your address as a place where the magic will happen.
  • Relive the wonder of previous years, or look for inspiration, in the gallery of windows.
  • Find more inspiration on our socials… follow us on FB, Instagram and twitter – please do share and like.
  • Ask your neighbours to sign up too – a block full or road full of decorated windows is a sight to see!
  • If you have a high rise window which is hard to see from the street, or no windows which face the street, get in touch… If you want to decorate a window we’ll find you a window to decorate!

Then you can get creative. Lots of people make a ‘stained glass’ effect using tissue paper. Some use fairy lights, play music, make a scene out of cardboard, or lego. Alan always does something extraordinary with recycled milk cartons and beer cans! You decorate your window, along the theme of Joy, then on 25th at 6pm you turn on the lights so everyone can enjoy. 

And in the mean time, don’t be worried about what to make… 

?have a play,

?be a kid again,

?enjoy the process…

?may the making fill you with JOY!


The Homerton & Clapton WW Team xx

Window Wanderlands have been held around the world. Click here if you want to know more: https://www.windowwanderland.com/about/

A very BIG thank you and shout out to our sponsors for 2023 – together they have helped keep it free to everyone to sign up! More on them coming soon on socials and on here, but for now please give it up for:

FRMD – https://wearefrmd.com/ 

E5 Acupuncture – https://e5acupuncture.com/ 

The Elderfield Pub – https://www.facebook.com/TheElderfield

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