James Bay 2021

James Bay

Took place on 19‑21 Feb 2021

This event has already taken place.

James Bay Window Wanderland 2021 unfortunately cannot happen this year due to Covid event restrictions.

The James Bay Window Wanderland team appreciates the time VIHA put into reviewing the event and completely understands that, and although in many ways Window Wanderland could be COVID-19-safe, there cannot be any wiggle room right now with provincial guidelines.

Even though James Bay Window Wanderland will not run as an event, you cannot be stopped from decorating your windows in order to keep the sentiment of the event alive. Community connection and creativity are the best parts of Window Wanderland and if you choose to do so, maybe you can still bring this spirit to the James Bay Community. In the next few weeks, while you are walking around the neighborhood and getting your fresh air, maybe you will see some beautifully decorated windows that will make you smile and give you hope during these challenging times.

Find us on Facebook under James Bay Window Wanderland & Instagram @jbwindowwanderland

Please contact Samantha at the James Bay Community School Centre at 250-389-1470 or programs@jamesbaycentre.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

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