James Bay 2021

19‑21 Feb 2021

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James Bay Window Wanderland is located in the lovely James Bay neighbourhood of Victoria, B.C., Canada! 

Window Wanderland 2021 will be the 4th of its kind for our neighbourhood! We are so excited, as each year proves it only gets better and better! 

Window Wanderland is an amazing, FREE, Covid-friendly community event where our lovely little James Bay neighbourhood turns into a outdoor gallery!

Everyone in James Bay is invited to decorate a window in their home or business, on a balcony; even in a parked car. Then we all can grab a map and go out into the streets at night to look!  The magic of Window Wanderland is that you don’t have to be an artist to participate and you can put in as little or as much effort as you want! It is a super fun and easy event that has brought all members of the community together to enjoy the splendor and fun in a dark winter month!

To see amazing examples from past years, click on the menu to the right under ‘View Gallery of Previous Events’! 

For James Bay Window Wanderland 2021 we will be focusing on Covid- 19 Protocols. We will be asking everyone to ensure they social distance while walking around and wearing masks in spots you might not be able to distance. We ask that you please wander with jut your household or people in your ‘Safe 6’. Being kind and safe around the neighbourhood is our number one goal! We want to make our local James Bay Dr. Bonnie Henry proud! 

Feeling stuck on what to do for your window? Come to a workshop and use our tools and teachers to get inspired!

Sat January 9th- Info Session & Project Demonstrations @ New Horizons 11am-1pm

Thurs Jan 21st- “Working Workshop” @ Community Centre 6-7ishpm

Thurs Jan 28th- “Working Workshop” @ Community Centre 6-7ishpm

Thurs Feb 4th- “Working Workshop” @ Community Centre 6-7ishpm

Sat Feb 13th – Last big Hurrah “Working Workshop” @ New Horizons 11am-1pm

During Window Wanderland, come join us for treats & to warm up & use the washroom while you wander! 
Friday Night– The James Bay Community Centre @ 140 Oswego St. 
Saturday Night– New Horizons @ 234 Menzies St. 
Sunday Night– The Carr House @ 207 Government St. 

Find us on Facebook under James Bay Window Wanderland & Instagram @jbwindowwanderland

We can’t wait to see what amazing creations will happen in 2021!

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