Lochalsh Collaborates

The 7 community council areas of Lochalsh

Took place on 26‑28 Feb 2021

This event has already taken place.

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What is the Lochalsh Collaboration?  It is made up of people from local community groups and representatives from the seven Lochalsh community councils. We received funding and training in 2019 to start a community-led, Lochalsh-wide conversation on local needs and priorities.

What is Lochalsh Collaborates?  Lochalsh Collaborates is a big community consultation which will take place in the next few weeks. A community survey will be posted to every resident of Lochalsh, to find out their views on local needs and priorities. The feedback will help the community to write a Community Action Plan for Lochalsh. You will receive your survey in mid-February.

 Why are we organising a Window Wanderland Festival on 26-28 Feb 2021? To help promote our Community Survey and Action Planwe’d love you to join in Lochalsh’s Window Wanderland.

A Window Wanderland will help us all to feel more part of our community, in a Covid-safe way, and get us all thinking about the big issues that will make Lochalsh a better place.  

We hope as many people as possible can help us to create a magical display throughout Lochalsh, and you will go out to enjoy the outdoor gallery of window displays made by other people in your area. 

Window Wanderlands have been held around the world since 2015 and here are some links to find out more about the story of how they started The One Show – The Guardian – BBC News

How do I make my window design? Window Display Makers can be residents, schools, groups or businesses.  You’ll design a window choosing a theme from the community survey.  The survey will be circulated in mid-February, but until then here are some key themes to get your imagination going: 

  • The best thing (or 3 best things) about the area
  • Community life
  • Social, leisure or cultural activities in the area – this could include sport, heritage, Gaelic, arts…
  • Children, young people and families
  • Land and sea
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Transport
  • Health and social issues
  • Housing
  • Business
  • The impact of Covid  

Your design can be as simple or as complex as you like.  It is made out of tissue paper and black card, stuck to a windowpane. When you turn on your room light, the display will be lit from behind to viewers in the street.  

Where do I get materials? The art packs will be available to pick up from essential shops from early February. We will publicise the list of where you can get them in early February. The packs include everything you need to make a window decoration – you just need to provide scissors.  Look at the categories above and think of an image that will represent what is important to you. It can be as simple or complex as you like. There are also lots of ideas on the Window Wanderland website. Have a look at their gallery for some inspiration: https://www.windowwanderland.com/gallery/  

Will people see inside my room? No, not unless you want them to. You can use the white backing tissue paper to mask the view inside your roomand glue your design onto that. 

Will people come into my garden? No.  All viewers must remain in the street or road.  If your window display isn’t visible from the road, take a photo and email it and we can post the image online for others to enjoy.  We will not publicise who made the display or where it is (unless you want us to).

Ready to sign up? By signing up through this website you are helping to create a map for the event. We will not be able to see your name and email and it will not be publicised on the website. You are signing up so your window display can go on the map so that other people will know where to see displays.

  • Click on ‘Take part in this event’ to add your location to our map.
  • You’ll get a ‘Welcome Pack’ when you sign in and access to lots of inspiration for your windows.
  • Tell your friends and neighbours and ask them to join in too. 

How long should I leave my display up? The festival runs from 26-28th Feb. If possible, please leave a light on in the room behind your display from 5pm-10pm on those three evenings. You can have the light on for a shorter time (e.g. 6pm-9pm) if it suits you better.

You can leave your window display up for longer than the weekend of the festival if you want to.  Please take a photo of your window – or windows you especially like, and send to communitydevelopment@lochalsh.uk  

Follow Covid rules and keep safe And don’t forget that, whether making or admiring, everything you do should be Covid-safe.  Make sure to follow the current Covid rules and advice about social distancing and meeting someone from another household when outside looking at the displays.

If I don’t want to sign up, can I still make a window? You can still take part, and create a window display, and your neighbours will notice it, although it won’t be listed on the online event map, so fewer people will know about it. You can always take a photo and send it to us.

Please send us your photos and keep in touch Please send us photos of your windows – we will display as many as possible on Facebook and in the newsletter, and if you have any questions please click the ‘Contact event organiser’ button on the right or communitydevelopment@lochalsh.uk

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