Rossington Window Wanderland

2 Nov 2021
4:30pm (Sunset)

Please register or sign in to make a window.

Rossington, we need you to get creative!

Right Up Our Street are so excited to be supporting a community led Window Wanderland | Day of the Dead to Rossington 🌺💀🌹 Tuesday 2nd November.


Window Wanderland is an award-winning, COVID-safe project, which provides resources to communities around the world to set up their own magical window displays.


👉We need you to get creative and make your own ‘Day of the Dead’ themed window displays, in time for sunset on the 2nd of November, ready to be admired by your community.


Keep an eye out for further updates on how to get hold of free crafting materials and other ways to get involved in your Window Wanderland…


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