Stoke, Plymouth 2021

Stoke, Morice Town and the surrounding area

17‑20 Dec 2021
6pm - 8pm

Please register or sign in to make a window.

Get involved and help us transform our streets in to a magical outdoor art gallery over the second weekend in December!

Stoke Traders and Residents Association, along with The Village Hub, are very excited to bring back Window Wanderland to continue to build on the community spirit shown during lockdown and bring the community together.

What goes into your window display is totally up to you: from a chorus of cheeky robins to a full Nativity scene, from simple to spectacular – as long as it’s family friendly, anything goes. You only need simple materials to create your display, like tissue paper and sugar paper.

Taking part, either as a Windowmaker or a Wanderer, is FREE. So register now to see your location, as well as others, displayed on our map. This will give you, your family, and your neighbours the chance to wander around on that third weekend in December and enjoy the enchanting window displays! 

If you have any questions or would just like some help with templates and design ideas please feel free to contact us – we’ll try our best to help wherever possible.

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