Stoke & Wyken 2021

Binley residents are also welcome to join our map!

13‑19 Mar 2021
5:30pm - 9pm

Please register or sign in to make a window.

On 13-19 March 2021, streets across Stoke and Wyken will light up their front windows and gardens and become beautiful walking trails. 

Window Wanderland can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, so everyone on your street can get involved. 


  1. Make something to display in your window. It can be small and simple, or large and elaborate. 
  2. Click ‘Take part in this event’ to register your window display on the online map.
  3. Use the map to plan your walking route and see what your neighbours have made!

For more information, visit: 

If you live in the neighbourhood of Ravensdale Primary School, we’re encouraging our residents to follow the theme: “Words of Encouragement”.

Residents of Sommerville Road have a suggested theme of  “Things that make your heart sing” 

If you live in or close to Cottesbrook Close in Binley, we have chosen the theme of  “Spring”

The important thing is to enjoy taking part, so feel free to do your own thing and express your own ideas!

If you are looking for more information or inspiration please find our events Facebook page Stoke & Wyken Window Wanderland 


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