Wecock Farm 2020

houses off and including Eagle Ave, Hart Plain Ave and Milton Round areas

20‑21 Mar 2020
5pm to 9pm

Please register or sign in to make a window.

Let’s turn Wecock Farm into a ‘pop up’  art gallery on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st March!!

We invite you to wrap up warm and wander around your neighbourhood enjoying a selection of home made window and garden displays.

Join us by brightenening up the dark evenings, getting a bit of fresh air and meeting other people When you have completed your wander with the help of our Wecock Farm Trail Map. Come along and enjoy art, activities and entertainment to bring the Wecock Farm community together this Mother’s Day weekend. Friday 20th 5-8pm and Saturday 21st March 6 to 8:30pm at the Acorn Community Centre

Anyone can register for free to take part. You may wish to decorate your windows or your garden.

Free Workshops – 17th February 2-4pm Acorn Community Centre.

19th February 10-12 Acorn Community Centre

7th March 10-12 Acorn Community Centre

Sponsored by Wecock Farm Big Local www.facebook.com/webiglocal

instagram – folksofwecockfarm

for further information wecock-farm-window-wanderland@outlook.com

or contact Mary 07394563330

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