Maker FAQs

How do I sign up?

Go to the events page, find your area and sign up to take part there. You will get a confirmation email from your local organiser.

Will it cost me money?

See your local events page for details. Sometimes local event organisers ask for a small amount of money to cover costs or raise money for charity, but we will not charge you to make a display.

How do I make a display?

Anything goes, as long as it is child-friendly! But you can find more inspiration on our gallery.

I am not an artist, what should I do?

See above. There are no expectations or judgements, so just have a go and leave your curtains open! A ‘display’ can be fairy lights – or your favourite book, a photograph of someone important to you or a political statement.

Where can I find inspiration?

Visit our wanderful gallery or our social media feeds for inspiration @windowwander #windowwander.

Can I make a display as part of the Wanderland?

Yes. We hope you do!

Is there a theme?

This is up to your local organiser, so view your event page to check.

I live high up in a flat, can I still join in?

Absolutely, in fact higher up windows are easier to view from the street.

Are there any ‘rules’?

NO, but there are a couple of guidelines:

  • It’s not all about windows – you can use gardens, cars, campervans…
  • Make sure your display is safety conscious and child-friendly.
  • Music can be a fab addition — but make sure you neighbours don’t mind.

Help, I ran out of time!?

Remember this is not supposed to be stressful. If you don’t make anything, open your curtains anyway and add a sign saying ‘Ran out of time’. No one will mind!

How do I address my neighbour’s concerns?

Ask them to read this website, especially these FAQs.

Do I have to give my address — can’t I just do a display on the night?

You can, but without your address on the map, people won’t know to come and see your window. By signing up you are helping your organiser to gauge interest too.

If I sign up will I get marketing emails forever more?

No, your email will be used to talk to you about your Window Wanderland, nothing else.

I am having technical issues!

Contact your organiser using the button on your event page. They should be able to help.

Will anyone come into my house?

No, all the displays are viewed from outside, out in the open.

Will people be able to see inside my house?

This is up to you and the type of display you put on, but make sure you cover anything you don’t want people to see.

Will Window Wanderland bring people from outside my area to my street?

In our experience, people do invite their family and friends to share in this happy event, show off their display and feel proud of their community.

Will it be noisy and crowded?

The aim is to achieve a sense of community and togetherness, so your street may be noisier and more crowded than usual for a couple of hours. Some people feel the streets are much safer when there are families and groups wandering about.

What if someone slips or trips in my garden?

Window Wanderland is not liable for safety on the night. You are responsible for your own garden, so use precautions such as lights if there are steps or dangers. Any external lights must be suitable for use outdoors. If you use temporary structures, please ensure they are secure.


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