Organiser Agreement (Listing Only)

Thank you for creating a Window Wanderland.

Window Wanderland is a Community Interest Company (CIC), our aim is to promote wellbeing by connecting people at a community level. As an organiser, you and your team will acting as our representatives and we expect you to agree to commit to these conditions:


  • You commit to accessibility: Window Wanderland is open to all. 
  • You commit to participation for all: Window Wanderland is designed to encourage as many people as possible to take part, regardless of their artistic skills, backgrounds or experience.
  • This means telling everyone in your community about the festival, across cultures and generations.
  • You commit to encourage walking: please keep the area small to avoid people using cars.
  • You commit to it being non-commercial and not to charge people to create displays.

Most importantly you commit to self-kindness, and do what you can within your capacity.


  • You will create a facebook page for your festival and ‘co-host’ with us via our Window Wanderland Facebook page.
  • You agree that your  website is an original work; you will not copy any images, copywriting or content from
  • You agree to put a link to Window Wanderland on your website.
  • You agree to ensure the story behind Window Wanderland is told consistently and in keeping with our brand.
  • You agree to keep us informed of any media/films/articles your event is featured in so that we can share it:
  • You share your images with us via Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter/ Facebook/YouTube.
  • You agree that all social media posts @windowwander are child friendly.
  • You agree not to use ‘Window Wanderland’ to share your own personal opinions/politics.


  • You understand that Window Wanderland gives you/your organisation use of the name for one year.
  • This licence is for the sole purpose of enabling you to use and enjoy the Window Wanderland.
  • You agree not to  copy, modify, distribute, sell or lease any part of the Window Wanderland images or services or included platform or software.
  • You grant to us all rights to use the content/photos that you post on Window Wanderland or send us at


By ticking the box on the website to access the toolkit you are agreeing to the Organisers agreement above and our Terms and Conditions.