Attleborough, Nuneaton 2022

Attleborough and surrounding area.

26 Feb‑11 Mar 2022

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‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ – a wonderful quote indicating that whilst we can all appreciate beauty, we may each find it in things others may not; perhaps even find it in things that aren’t stereotypically ‘beautiful’. Nature, hobbies, sports, people… so many things can be seen by someone as beautiful! Why not share what you find beautiful? Who knows – maybe you’ll change some people’s minds!

This theme is just a guideline – if you’ve something else you’d like to do, then please feel free! After all, creativity is beautiful too! 

In early 2022, streets across Coventry and Warwickshire will once again light up their front windows and gardens and become beautiful night-time walking trails.




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Go outside to see everyone’s creations using the online trail map – it’s going to be magical

The boundaries below are a suggestion. If your address is outside of these boundaries, please check the other areas, or contact your organiser. 


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This project is part of #LoveCoventry, a Coventry UK City of Culture programme supported by The National Lottery Community Fund.

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