Corstorphine Window Wanderland 2021

Corstorphine Town Centre and Surrounds, Edinburgh

Took place on 27‑28 Feb 2021

This event has already taken place.

Download window map


The window map

From Wednesday 24th, the map that shows all the window displays will be available for download if ‘wanderers’ want to print it out. You’ll find the map below and the download button will magically appear on Wednesday. There are bound to be last minute sign-ups, so we recommend downloading as late as possible. Or alternatively, you can just look at the map on your phone to plan your window trail. The weather forecast is looking good, so we’ve got our fingers crossed. Because we’ve had so many sign-ups outside the ‘official’ area, we’ve redrawn the boundary so that all your windows will be on the map!




Window Wanderlands are inherently low risk in terms of Covid-19, however there are obviously things you still need to consider, so please have a read of the following: 

  • ·        Please remember to adhere to the latest Covid-19 rules and advice including guidelines on social distancing. 
  • ·        There shouldn’t be any reason for crowding, but if you’re at all concerned please make use of floor markings to mark 2m distance guidelines.
  • ·        If you’re going for an evening walk to view the windows, please only go round in your household groups or as allowed under the most recent COVID-19 rules and advice.
  • ·        Give one another space when looking at displays. If a street looks too busy, come back later. 
  • ·        Please don’t knock on other people’s doors.


Please don’t forget to photograph your windows! We’d love to see your displays and you can post them up on our Facebook page in any of the comments sections, or email them to us and we’ll do it for you. Works-in-progress are great to see too.

Professional photographer Steve Wallace, has kindly volunteered to take high quality images of some of the windows. If for any reason you’re not keen to have your window photographed by Steve, please drop us an email, so that we can let him know. 

The Torfin

We’re delighted that The Torfin will be opening the Wee Bar from 6-9pm on 27th & 28th February doing free hot drinks including hot chocolate, coffees & an alcohol free punch. They will be collecting donations with everything going to Corstorphine Primary. 


Please join us for the first official Corstorphine Window Wanderland!  We will be brightening up the last weekend of February by transforming the streets into a magical outdoor gallery for all to enjoy.

Window Wanderland is a free event and everyone is invited to take part – residents, schools, community groups and businesses. Supported by Corstorphine Community Council and the Corstorphine Trust, with in-kind sponsorship from Lou.kin Art, we hope the whole community will get involved with decorating windows or wandering, or both!

Whether you’re a maker or a wanderer, this must be a Covid-safe event. Please make sure you stay safe and follow the latest Covid-19 rules and advice

Fancy joining in?

Taking part is completely free, you just need to register your window so that people know you are part of the trail and will come to see your display on the nights of 27th and 28th February 2021

You can make a display in the windows of your home, school, nursery, shop, business, car, or in your front garden. Your display could be as simple as a cut-out shape, some colourful tissue paper, fairy-lights or a Lego scene. Anything goes… as long as it’s family friendly.

Closer to the time, you will be able to view an online map showing all the windows taking part.  We have set an indicative boundary area to help keep the main event zone walkable, but please feel free to join in even if your street is not in the main area.

Ready to sign up?

  • Click on ‘Take part in this event’ to add your location to our map.
  • You’ll get a ‘Welcome Pack’ when you sign in and access to lots of inspiration for your windows.
  • Tell your friends and neighbours and ask them to join in too.

Where can I get materials?

We want to be as environmentally friendly as possible – please think about what you could repurpose to create your design rather than buying new. Cardboard from cereal boxes, wrapping paper, packaging and tissue paper from gifts can all be repurposed to good effect.  

We will have supplies of black paper, tracing paper, tissue and various other items that you might need available at cost price from early February. Thanks to the Corstorphine Trust, we will also have a small number of art packs available free. THE DEADLINE FOR ORDERING WAS 18th FEBRUARY. 

Further information

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor, promote or volunteer to help with this event, please contact Vikki and Becky through the ‘Contact event organiser’ button on the right or email

For display ideas and to keep up to date with what’s happening, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Many thanks to Corstorphine Community Council and the Corstorphine Trust for their generous donations to allow us to run the project.





A big thanks also to our sponsors Lou.Kin Art and The Torfin.





The organisers and participants of  Corstorphine Window Wanderland cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of the public visiting any of the Window Wanderland displays. Visitors should be alert to the variety of every day hazards, and visit at their own risk. Please supervise children carefully. Please ensure you comply with current Covid19 restrictions when visiting.

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