Pennyburn (Kilwinning) 2021

Pennyburn local centre (shops) and the surrounding areas

Took place on 6‑7 Mar 2021

This event has already taken place.

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Welcome to Pennyburn’s Window Wanderland

Pennyburn Regeneration Youth Development Enterprise (PRYDE) are excited to be able to host our very first Window Wanderland. We believe this is the perfect time to host this, as it will bring our community together, from the safety of your own home. Creating not only so amazing window art, but helping to create some joy and community spirt that my have been lost during recent months.

Window Wanderland will transform the streets into a magical outdoor gallery for all to enjoy.

Window Wanderlands have been held around the world and here are some links if you want to know more:

Window Wanderland on The One Show

Windows of Wonder – The Guardian

Window Wanderland spreads friendship – BBC News

What to take part?

Taking part as a Windowmaker is FREE and everyone’s welcome. You can make a display in the windows of your house, business, school, nursery, car, campervan, shop – or in your front garden!

Please don’t feel intimidated. Your display could be as simple as a candle, book or fairy-lights in a window.  Anything goes… as long as it’s family friendly.

However, if you’re stuck for ideas on how to theme your window, here are some suggestions from us:

*Local landmarks
*favourite book character  (Harry Potter, BFG, The Gruffalo)

*Anything, as long as it’s family friendly

for more ideas, you can find more inspiration on our gallery.

What about materials?

Pryde will help with this, if you commit to join us in this wonderful experience,  we will provide a start pack to anyone that signs up, allowing everyone to take part, But you are more than welcome to add to this if you want to take your window to the next level!

To make it absolutely safe for families taken part. We will allocate a slot for collection, maintaining Covid 19 safety guidance. 

Let’s make this something that the community can be proud of, and talk about for months after the event.


I am not an artist, what should I do?

There are no expectations or judgements, so just have a go and leave your curtains open! A ‘display’ can be fairy lights – or your favourite book, a photograph of someone important to you or a political statement.

Where can I find inspiration?

Visit our wanderful gallery or our social media feeds for inspiration @windowwander #windowwander.

Can I make a display and go out on the trail?

Yes. We hope you do!

Is there a theme?

Not at Pryde’s Window Wanderland

Help, I ran out of time!?

Remember this is not supposed to be stressful. If you don’t make anything, open your curtains anyway and add a sign saying ‘Ran out of time’. No one will mind!

Do I have to give my address — can’t I just do a display on the night?

You can, but without your address on the map, people won’t know to come and see your window. By signing up you are helping your organiser to gauge interest too.

Will anyone come into my house?

No, this is an outdoor trail.

Will people be able to see inside my house?

This is up to you and the type of display you put on, but make sure you cover anything you don’t want people to see.

Will Window Wanderland bring people from outside my area to my street?

In our experience, people do invite their family and friends to share in this happy event, show off their display and feel proud of their community.


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