Event Listing Package

Who is this for?

If we have inspired you to start your own event but you have the means to create your own images, online mapping and marketing tools then this is the pack for you.

By listing with us you will be the only registered organiser on the Wanderland map for your area. The event will be promoted on our website and Facebook with a link to a website or email address.  That way if people find us, they find you!

The money paid to us will all go back into sharing the Wanderland concept, and your event will inspire others to have a go.

If you decide to make your own event without linking to us in this way, please remember we are trademarked, so you can’t use the Window Wanderland name or any materials.

I absolutely love this event, I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed being creative. Thank you all so much.”

Survey feedback

We’d advise you to think carefully before selecting this option: the basic toolkit costs only a little bit more and will save you from building your own website, building an online map and creating posters and publicity from scratch. It also gives you loads of hints and tips on how to run a successful event.

Please remember we are trademarked, so you can’t use the Window Wanderland name unless you register to list with us.

Great to see so many Portland residents getting involved, thank you Window Wanderland. Totally creative in its premise, low cost, light touch - brilliant! ”

Molly, WW Organiser, B-side CIC, Portland in Dorset

The listing only toolkit package gives you:

  • A license to call your event a Window Wanderland
  • A listing of your event on our website
  • A link for participants to contact you/ link to your own site
  • A Facebook event page
  • Not use our images or films
  • No map
  • No page for participants to sign up
  • No access to our help & advice pages on how to run a successful event

See all the features of our basic toolkit instead

Price for listing only: £75.00 per event

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